Spring! Fun with fire and making a daffodil pendant

Spring! Fun with fire and making a daffodil pendant

Every day when I wake up the sun is just a bit brighter. In the garden the shoots in the ground are just a bit higher. The buds are a bit bigger. The sky is a bit bluer. From one day to the next the changes are so small they're almost unnoticeable. Yet when I think back to a month ago, what's outside right now is a miracle. 

I'm fully embracing this return of colour to my world. Colour brings joy and happiness at any time, these days colour is an absolute necessity to our mental well being. Banish the black everyone and put on something bright and cheery. Trust me, you'll feel much better. 

Last week I brought back one of my favourite spring colourways, my Daffodil earrings. By request this week I've made pendants to match! Even better, if you want you can watch me make the pendants! In this weeks episode of Fun with Fire I made a daffodil pendant. You can find the video on my Facebook Page.

In the video I make the larger of the 2 pendants. After I popped it in the kiln and turned off the camera it occurred to me that a mini pendant would be lovely too. I promptly whipped one up so that you have a choice.  

daffodil pendant

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