Handmade in Toronto
Inspired by the world
Flameworked glass beads
Made with fire, magic and love
Handcrafted sterling silver
Treasures from around the world

whimsical, fun, shiny, happy, handmade glass jewelry

sailorgirl JEWELRY

It all begins with melting and shaping rods of Murano glass into my beads, each one a wearable treasure. With my beads and sterling silver I create Sailorgirl Jewelry - wearable art.


It's not just a name, it's a lifestyle. I escape the Canadian winter by floating around in my sailboat - the Flying Saucer. It's an escape, it's inspiration, it's joyful. I gather ideas for stories that I can turn into jewelry.

afterpay sailorgirl jewelry

Ta-daa!!! Shop now, pay later.

Introducing.... Afterpay

Shop now, pay later, no interest. Ever. 

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The Sundowner is possibly the most civilized ritual of all.

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Shipping Deadlines 2020

Shipping Deadlines 2020

Ditch the stress, I’ll deliver your gift for you!

Oh no, did you leave something until the last minute? No problem, I have you covered. I can gift wrap a special something, write a nice festive card with your message and ship it to your person. Done! It’s all part of the elf work I do at this time of year. Especially this year because really, we all deserve a special something right now.

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