Jewelry Care

Sailorgirl Jewelry is made of handmade GLASS beads and sterling silver. I do anneal (temper) all my beads overnight in a kiln and test each one so it is much stronger than you expect glass to be. It is designed to last for many years under normal wear and tear. Please be careful not to drop your glass beads on hard surfaces such as cement or marble.


Exposure to air and sunlight will accelerate silver tarnishing.  The best way to store your jewelry is in individual ziploc baggies. This will help protect the jewelry from tarnishing, tangling or scratching.


Sterling silver can be affected by exposure to air, sunlight, body chemistry or personal care products such as sunscreen and tarnish. Should your silver need cleaning the best method is with a jewelry polishing cloth. A second method is to use baking soda and water. Make a paste the consistency of peanut butter and rub the silver with the paste and a cloth. You can use a toothbrush for nooks and crannies. Rinse the paste off and dry with a soft lint-free cloth. DO NOT use a chemical dip cleaner.


Should you need to clean the glass you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth or with a little mild soap and water. You can let it air dry.


I recommend that you don’t sleep, swim or shower with your jewelry on. Sailing is fine.