Sailorgirl Jewelry Rewards Program

Sailorgirl Jewelry Points!!!

You my amigo, are awesome!  I truly appreciate you and your loyalty to my work.

To show my appreciation I have created a loyalty program to say thanks! Every time you shop with Sailorgirl Jewelry, you can collect reward points which can be exchanged for future discounts

How to Collect Points
(There are four easy ways to collect your points:)

1. Collect points for registering with the program.

When you register with the Sailorgirl Jewelry rewards program you will receive an automatic one time reward of 100 points, just for creating an account.

2. Collect points for purchases

Now you can collect points when you purchase your favourite jewelry. Every dollar spent earns you a point, which earns you a discount on future purchases.

$1 spent  =  1 Point

3. Refer a friend.

Spread the word about Sailorgirl Jewelry and collect points for free jewelry. Using your own special link, tell your friends about my work. When your friend purchases a piece based on your referral, you will each receive 100 points. You will also receive 100 points for each additional friend that you refer who goes on to make a purchase! There is no limit on how many points you can collect by referring friends in this way.

4. Follow the fun on Instagram

Follow me on Instagram and you will receive an automatic one time reward of 50 points, just for looking at pretty photos. 

How to Use Your Points

Every point that you receive earns you a future discount. As a registered customer, you receive an email notifying you every time you collect points, as well as a notification when you have collected enough points to redeem a discount.

100 points = 10%

200 points = 15%

400 points = 25% 

750 points = 40%

To use your points, simply login when you visit Click My Rewards in the menu bar or click the Earn Rewards tab in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Please note, you must redeem your points for a discount coupon. You apply this coupon to your cart when you checkout. The discount applies to the total before tax and shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the program?
There are two ways you can join the program. 

You can visit and click on the “Earn Points” tab at the bottom right hand corner. You will see a pop-up window and will be asked to join at that point.

You can click on the Rewards link in the menu bar. You will see a pop-up window and will be asked to join at that point.

How do I know how many points I have?

When you visit Sailorgirl Jewelry online, simply login. Your points balance is displayed on the top right corner beside your cart. You can also open the Rewards tab and click on My Rewards.

You also receive an email whenever you collect points, notifying you of your current balance. When you have enough points for a discount, you receive an email.

Do I have to sign up if I already am a customer?

Yes, as this is a new program. As a repeat customer, you will be awarded points for past purchases once you have registered with the rewards program.

How do I redeem my points?

When you visit Sailorgirl Jewelry simply login to your account. Your point balance is visible in the top right corner beside the cart logo. You can spend your points by clicking on the Earn Rewards tab at the bottom right corner, or by clicking on the Rewards item in the menu bar. When the Rewards menu pops up, click the Redeem button to see your reward choices. When you decide on your reward, simply click the Redeem button next to it.

I can't log in to redeem my points.

To redeem your points you must have an account with Sailorgirl Jewelry as well as with the Rewards program. If you cannot login to see your points, please click Join in the top left hand corner of the homescreen of Sailorgirl Jewelry. If you have checked out as a guest in the past your points are there and will appear once you set up an account with Sailorgirl Jewelry. 

How much does it cost to join?

The rewards program is totally free! The program is to say "thank you" to my awesome customers! 

Is there a limit to how many order points I can get?

Absolutely not!

Do I have to join the program in order to earn points?

No, you automatically receive points for any purchases, however, to redeem your discount on future purchases you need to register online. Click Join in the top left hand corner of my store. 

Can I use my points during checkout? 

You must redeem your points before you can apply them for a discount at checkout.


What are the points worth?

The points have no cash value and may not be traded or transferred. Sailorgirl Jewelry reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time.

Further Questions?

Please email if you have any other questions.