When Mother Nature decides to show you a trick

When Mother Nature decides to show you a trick

We were sailing merrily along, when out of the corner of my eye I see something. Something rather peculiar. Uh oh. 

When we left West End, Bahamas that morning bound for Miami we knew there was a storm in the forecast, but that wasn't for 2 more days. The sail was only supposed to be 8 hours and the wind was a nice steady 10 kts from the south. We were headed west so this was supposed to be perfect. Within 2 hours the wind had started to shift and we were pinched and starting to head more north. Our steady breeze faded until it became very still. I know that kind of still, it's never good. When we looked behind us thinking we would turn back there was a solid black cloud and the Bahamas was no longer visible. We looked forward, it was blue, sail on! Then we looked to our port side and there it was. It was... mesmerizing... terrifying ... awe inspiring. We battened down the hatches, took down the sails, turned on the motor and hit the throttle. 

Luck was with us and the spout moved away from us. This is not my photo as I was too preoccupied with appealing to any and all deities to take a photo. 

I have made ONE of these pendants as that is precisely the number of close encounters I want to have with a waterspout in the middle of the ocean. 

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