The Sundowner is possibly the most civilized ritual of all.

When we first started sailing I thought everyone was a raving alcoholic. It was drinks on this boat, drinks with your dock neighbours, drinks on the beach, drink with strangers passing by. Every afternoon someone was asking “where are we doing sundowners?”

The idea is that by sundown all should be ship shape. You can’t see well in the dark so before the sun goes down you need to have your anchor set or your dock lines tied and the boat secured. As the day winds down so do you. That last dying bit of the day is for reflection and conversation.

Pour yourself a beverage (no it doesn’t have to be alcoholic, just something tasty to enjoy). Sit. Chill. Chat. Take the time to talk about what you did. If perhaps you snapped or squabbled with your crew now is the time to apologize. If you tried something new discuss it. Meet your fellow cruisers and tell tall tales, share information, tell some jokes. Laugh out loud. Sing a song, dance a dance. A little light hearted fun and conversation makes everyone happier.

As you chill watch the sunset. Look at the colours changing, feel the breeze, see the clouds. It happens every single day yet it’s never the same.

And it’s always a miracle.

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