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You know how it is, you're feeling a bit scraggy, rough around the edges, tired. Nothing is terribly wrong you just aren't feeling as perky as you'd like to be.

Time to hit the refresh button. 

So it is that this little home of mine online has a bit of a facelift. Nothing huge, just a little polish here, a quick tidy up there and maybe some decluttering behind the scenes. 

There's lots more planned as always. I am very good at making plans what I'm not good at is estimating just how long these plans are going to take. It's like my daily to do list which I write EVERY single day. This month I began writing down how long each task on that list would take. On day one, with my lovely new notebook, I wrote my list. And then I wrote the time estimate. 26 hours. Huh. 

Along with my inability to estimate time there's also this damn pandemic fatigue. I know I'm not the only one who's having trouble focusing. Add in a very weird sense of disconnect because for the first time in 16 years I'm not in my studio every night in November prepping for the One of a Kind show and it's just all so discombobulated I'm never sure which way is up

Well that's a long ramble to say, the site has had a tidy up. Do you like it? 


catherine winter

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