tropical sunrise mini bead bracelet


It's a tough choice on vacation, to sleep in or to get up as early as possible for the longest days. One morning I went for the latter choice, bouncing out of bed as first light was creeping across the sky. As the light became brighter, just before the sun popped up, the whole sky from horizon to horizon bloomed with the most incredible pinks and oranges. It was the most magnificent of palettes and a sight to carry with me forever. 

Mini beads are super size fun to make. Smaller beads are sometimes easier to wear, and jangle less on a keyboard!

My hands made this all the tropical sunrise mini bead bracelet. The beads vary in size from 8mm x 6 mm to 10mm x 8mm. The bracelet closes with a sterling silver toggle clasp. The bracelet measures approximately 8" and fits a medium size wrist.

Each bead is individually made by me! I use Moretti (Effetre) glass, a little CIM and occasionally Vetrofond. There is no paint on any of my beads, just glass upon glass upon glass. All my beads are kiln annealed so that they are durable, thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Please remember the jewelry looks larger than life in the pictures which is why it is important to check the size. I have tried to capture the colours as accurately as possible but many monitors vary