evening blue jewel drop necklace

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When the sun sets and the sky begins to darken, the brilliant daytime blue fades into the deep velvet of the night sky. During this transition there is a special blue, the blue of the sky as the stars begin to twinkle. I call this evening blue, before it is velvet, before it is night.

My hands made this evening blue jewel drop necklace. Each bead measures approximately 15mm x 15mm. There are 2 beads on each necklace. They hang below a sterling silver circle that measures 12mm. The total length of the drops is approximately 60mm. The drops are on a sterling silver chain with a maximum length of 18". The necklace closes with a sterling silver lobster claw. You can shorten the necklace by closing the claw anywhere on the chain.

Each bead is individually made by me! There is no paint on any of my beads, just glass upon glass upon glass. Each bead is 4 - 8 layers of glass. Around layer 3 I roll the bead in fine silver leaf, then encase it in more glass. When the bead is large I mash it flat so that the silver disperses. This is what gives my beads the shimmering sparkle. This will light up a room and bring you oodles of compliments.

My hands made these beads. I use Effetre glass, a little CIM and occasionally Vetrofond. All my beads are kiln annealed, thoroughly cleaned and inspected. There is no paint on any of my beads, just glass upon glass upon glass.

Please remember the jewelry looks larger than life in the pictures which is why it is important to check the size. I have tried to capture the colours as accurately as possible but many monitors vary.