29 - Random Acts of Happiness earrings.

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Before a show I like to make a few pairs of RAH earrings - Random Acts of Happiness. Simply a few pairs of whatever I have floating around. I thought that today I would share some of these with you as I pack up for this weekend. 

My personal favourites are the emerald sky because, oh they glow. Fun fact, these were a random accident that happened when I grabbed the wrong colour glass. I was at a crucial point in the audiobook I was listening to and not paying close enough attention so instead of grabbing grass green I grabbed teal. It’s gorgeous! And the beehive style is so fun! It’s all so fun, this is why I continue to exhibit at shows, if I didn’t I would drown in my own glass. 

Each beehive bead measures approximately 13mm x 11mm and hang from (nickel free) sterling silver for a total length of approximately 33mm. The emerald sky and the teal bubble beads measure approximately 14mm x 12mm and hang from (nickel free) sterling silver tear drop hooks for a total length of 35mm.

My hands made these beads. I use Effetre glass, a little CIM and occasionally Vetrofond. All my beads are kiln annealed, thoroughly cleaned and inspected. There is no paint on any of my beads, just glass upon glass upon glass.

Please remember the jewelry looks larger than life in the pictures which is why it is important to check the size. I have tried to capture the colours as accurately as possible but many monitors vary.